As always, Rotary Club Election Day arrived on the First Friday of December, and the results are in! It was an extremely tight race, as we elected four members to the 2024-25 board of directors on December 1: Nikki Lemley, Rob Wagnon, Ryan Whittington, and Claire Winkler. Congratulations to all! We extend our heartfelt thanks to the remaining four candidates, who graciously agreed to serve on next year's Board if elected: Becky Blair, Gerry Kettenbach, Jack Pirozzi, Dick Sant, and Chuck Weed.
As is our tradition, the name of the President Nominee was revealed at our Holiday Party held the next night at the home of Janet and Jack Pirozzi: Ryan Whittington will lead us in 2025-26, serving on next  year's board with President Ted Domino and  Immediate Past President Miki McKee Koelsch, along with the three newly elected Directors. To round out the nine-member Board of Directors, Ted will appoint a Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Sergeant-at-Arms, with Board approval.