Two of the early funds established by the Club were the Crippled Children's Fund and the Student Loan Fund, both of which were established in 1930. The records indicate contributions to general campaigns such as the "Mile of Dimes," funds for the blind, tuition for the handicapped, and even an artificial limb for an adult.

In 1940, Dr. A.W. Westrup established the Industrial Fund to assist young people wishing to enter trade schools or career institutions; it has helped mechanics and nurses complete their vocational training.

Interest in student loans continued thorough the 1930s and early 1940s, evolving into college scholarships for beginning college students during the 1950s. The Club increased the amount awarded to each student after 2000; several deserving students are recognized each year, with over 200 students having received aid since 1954. A unique scholarship is the Mark Smutz Thespian Scholarship created by Bob Smutz in memory of his son, Mark.