Fathers and sons in this Club are interesting to contemplate. Only the Holekamp surname has been on the club's roster since the club's founding and charter day in 1924. Carl H. Holekamp, the first president, was joined by Carl Junior, known as Bud, when he joined the family business. Two long-standing names were Westrup and Booth. Dr. A.W. Westrup of 1924 was joined by Dr. E.A. Westrup in 1938-the younger Westrup passed away in 1999. Soon after the organization of the Club, Alfred L. Booth became a member and served later with A. Lee Booth, Jr. Lee moved away from Missouri in 2000. All of these gentlemen were also president of the Club.

Other father and son pairs along the line of time, some serving simultaneously, are:

R.W. Halteman and Dick Lars Christopherson
Les Leonard Martin and Leonard Jr.
A.N. Trembley and Art
W.A. Straub and Jack
John C. Cerny and John
Don Shumate and sons Harry S. "Van" Vandergriff and Richard
William (Bill) Copeland and Doug
Bill Lange and William
Harold Lumley and Cotter
Jere and Steven Dorough
Steve and Scott Schaefer

At least one pair of brothers in our Club is worth mentioning. These are the LaBarges. Steve LaBarge joined the Club in 1974 and his brother, Jack LaBarge, joined the Club in 1976. Both have been president of the Club.