Buddy System

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In the buddy system, each member is paired with another member. The intent of this is to provide each member with a primary contact point for the friendly exchange of information related to attendance.

There are only 3 rules: 1.) If you are going to miss a meeting call your buddy, and let him/her know. 2.) If your buddy misses a meeting and hasn't called you, then call your buddy to see if everything is okay. If not, notify the Caritas Committee. 3.) Urge your buddy to make-up a missed meeting.

Do you know who your buddy is?

 Buddy List:

Nancy Battersby


Phil Wojak

Ed Beck


Claire Winkler

Chris Berra


Andrew Chao

Frank Bloemke


Kit Whittington

Chris Burke


Kim White

Heidi Butts-Wiegan


K Wentzien

James Carlton


Pat Welch

Rod Cooper


Chuck Weed

Ted Domino


Steve Turner

John Dougherty


Jack Swanson

Ailce Duarte-Fletcher


Bob Smutz

Gerry Evans


Scott Schaefer

Gail Fernandez


Wendy Giltner

Katie Fischer


Steve LaBarge

Susan Fletcher


Dick Sant

Tim Graham


Guillo Rodriguez

Bill Gussner


Jack Pirozzi

Ron Hamberg


Dick Peterson

Adam Hughes


Jere Dorough

Yvonne Johnson


Lee Moss

Larry Keightley


Phil Moppert

Steve Kenny


Dan Moore

Gerry Kettenbach


Paul Mesnier

Justilien Landry


Jean Magre

Seth Langton


Harold Lumley

John Simpson   Sarah Riss