Fathers and sons in this Club are interesting to contemplate. Only the Holekamp surname was on the club's roster since its  founding in 1924: Our founding President, Carl Holekamp, was joined by Carl Junior, known as Bud, when he joined the family business in 1946; Bud remained a member until his death on December 2, 2011, at age 90.
Two long-standing names were Westrup and Booth: Founder Dr. A. W. Westrup was joined by his son, Dr. E. A. Westrup in 1938; the younger Westrup remained a member until his death in 1999. Soon after the organization of the Club, Al Booth became a member, serving with his son, Lee Booth; Lee moved out of town in 2000. All of these men also served as President of the Club.

Other father and son pairs over time, some serving simultaneously, include:

  • Halteman, R.W. and Dick
  • Christofferson, Lars and Les
  • Martin, Len and Leonard, Jr.
  • Trembley, Arthur and Art
  • Straub, Will and Jack
  • Cerny, John C. and John
  • Shumate, Don, Paul, and Don, Jr.
  • Vandergriff, Van and Richard
  • Copeland, Bill and Doug
  • Lange, Bill and Bill, Jr.
  • Lumley, Harold and Cotter
  • Dorough, Jere and Steve
  • Schaefer, Steve and Scott
  • Turner, Bob and Steve

At least one pair of brothers in our Club should also be  mentioned: The LaBarges, both of whom have served as President.  Steve joined the Club in 1974, and his older brother, Jack, joined in 1976.