Make Up A Meeting

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If you make up two weeks before or on the day of your meeting, or two weeks after your missed meeting, you are entitled to attendance credit.

A very easy way to make up a missed meeting is to visit one of the Rotary E-Clubs on the Internet. This requires about 30 minutes and costs nothing. Donations are welcome.

This can be done from the comfort of your own home, office, vacation cottage, cruise ship, or where ever you can get an Internet connection. Try one of the following E-Club links, and navigate to the E-Club make up meeting link.

Here is a link to Rotary international's E-Clubs page for a directory of world wide E-Clubs. RI even has a Rotary club finder and a mobile app for finding clubs where ever you travel.

Or see the link to the Greater St. Louis Rotary Clubs for a list of local meeting locations and times.