Speaker Date Topic
James Cole, Director of Conservation Programs Jul 19, 2019
Nature Conservancy

James Cole is the Director of Conservation Programs at the Nature Conservancy.  Learn how we can make a difference in protecting our environment.

Jeremy Koerber, Education Program Manager Jul 26, 2019
"End ALZ" - Alzheimer's Association of Greater St. Louis

Jeremy  Koerber is the Education Program Manager of the Alzheimer's Association of Greater St. Louis,  His talk is entitled "End ALZ".  

Rebecca Now, Executive Director Aug 02, 2019
What does the Chamber of Commerce do, anyway?
Tom Cooper, Debbie Ladd & Tim Nix Aug 09, 2019
Who were the early Mayors of Webster Groves?
Ann McReynolds Aug 16, 2019
What's with the biennial statewide reassessment?
Nancy Leahy, President & Ann McReynolds, Treasurer Aug 23, 2019
Why do we need a local historical society?
Club Business Meeting Aug 30, 2019