Speaker Date Topic
Club Assembly and Business Meeting Sep 30, 2022
Committee Reports and Planning with Q&A
64th Pancake Festival! Oct 07, 2022
No Lunch Meeting - Members working hard!
Mike Travaglini, Shrewsbury Mayor Oct 14, 2022
Shrewsbury News

Shrewsbury's Interim City Administrator, Elliot Brown, will accompany Mayor Travaglini. Together, they will be an excellent source of information regarding events and plans in our neighboring municipality.

Therese Chavaux-Turnbull Oct 21, 2022
Stress-management Techniques

Dr. Chavaux-Turnbull is a Licensed Professional Counselor and professor who has more than 25 years experience in various clinical settings. Her areas of interest include anxiety, attachment and relational issues, mood disorders, and development issues.

Julie Leverenz, DG Oct 28, 2022
Official Annual Visit

Governor Julie Leverenz will be making her official visit to our club, bringing us up to date with all the District 6060 news. As usual, her visit will include plenty of new RI pins "Imagine Rotary"!